Gujarati Samaj of Windsor

Member Benefits

As a member of Gujarati Samaj of Windsor (GSW) you are entitled to following benefits;

Free entrance to the following events

01. Four nights of Navratri garba with live music

02. Diwali dinner

03. Christmas party

04. Holi Dinner

05. Summer picnic


You can participate in the following activities which are only for GSW members.

01. Sports day

02. Rangoli competition


There are 4 categories of Membership:



01. Single Member - $100.00 / year

02. Senior Couple (both must be over 65)  - $125.00 / year

03. Couple (kids under 5 are included) - $200.00 / year

04. Family  (Couple, Children, Parents) - $325.00 / year



Please e-transfer your payment to:

Full Year Membership - [email protected]

For Non-member & Guest (any event) -  [email protected]



Single – Any person who is single and living on their own. A Retiree member that is single.

Senior Couple – Senior members who have retired and staying independently.

Couple – Husband & wife with no children or with a child or all children below 5 years of age.

Family - Family consists of a couple with children and / or parent (s).Fully dependent children below age of 25 years and / or a full time student at school, college or university. Family also includes retired parent(s) living with them.


01. Please note that two married couples residing under the same roof or address are considered as two separate families, so kindly pay the membership fees accordingly.

02. Working siblings (brothers & sisters) residing under same roof or address or with other relatives or residing separately should pay their membership dues separately. They are not covered by family membership.

03. Only retired parents living with any working children are included in the family.

04. Parents and their children residing separately are considered two different units and have to pay their own separate membership; they are not covered under family membership.


Kindly pay the membership accordingly and support your Samaj.