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Gujarati Samaj History

The seed for Gujarati Samaj of Windsor (GSW) was planted at the new home of Late Shri Ramanbhai Patel. He wanted to host a house warming party, but did not have large enough pots/pans to cook the food. In August 1974, the six founding fathers started the Samaj by contributing $5.00 each for membership (remember that at the time, minimum wage was $1.80). Starting with about 12 members initially, the organization quickly grew as more Gujarati's moved to Windsor.

With Navaratri right around the corner, Late Shri Jayanti Coty Patel offered his basement and hence, Windsor’s first garba took place at his home.

GSW’s first Diwali celebration came together with great enthusiasm as all the families of the Samaj volunteered to put on a fantastic event complete with food and entertainment.