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GSW Sports Day (2015-04-25) GSW Sports Day 2015 More

Walkathon - walk for health (2015-05-31) Cross community walk for your health More

GSW Summer Picnic (2015-07-25) GSW Summer Picnic 26th July More

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Excellent Job - please keep it up.

GSW Member (2015-03-02)

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Gujarati Samaj of Windsor

Gujarati Samaj of Windsor is a non-profit community-based organization totally dedicated to the advancement of Gujarati culture, religions, folklore, history, and philosophy. Set up formally in September 1974, The Gujarati Samaj - Windsor undertakes to enhance and foster the Gujarati heritage in Ontario.

About Gujarati Samaj of Windsor
At the time of its inception the objectives of the organization were to provide for the social and cultural needs of the Gujarati speaking people of the City of Windsor and surronded area and to foster understanding and co-operation with other cultural bodies forming the Canadian mosaic. Since its inception the Samaj has been able to uphold its objectives through its activities. A good deal of our rich heritage and culture has been passed on to the Gujarati youth born and brought up in Ontario.

New initiatives recognize the long-standing generational growth of the Gujarati community in Ontario, and thus serve to foster cross-cultural appreciation and understanding through joint projects with sister associations across Ontario. Working together, we promote cultural understanding with other communities in the Canadian Society, and assist and cooperate with other organizations across Canada that have similar objectives to our organization.

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